Developing a Profit Funnel to Maximize Your Online Business

One of the most effective ways of developing your Internet business is to work with an e-mail list. There is enormous potential for consistent growth with follow-up e-mails to your growing online community. The use of a profit funnel has been a very strategic approach used by veteran Internet marketers to generate seven figure incomes year after year.

A profit funnel is a methodical approach to introduce new products to your e-mail list at gradually increasing prices. This method requires patience and perseverance because it is important to build a list of prospects and customers as well as developing a relationship based on trust.

The sales funnel principle starts with a large group of prospects. Through email solicitation, direct mail or even telemarketing, prospects first made the commitment by signing up for more information from your company. clickfunnels reviews 2018 With automated follow-up e-mails, prospects can be gradually converted into customers.

Usually a low-priced item begins in the customer relation process. Customers appear on their own separate e-mail list with new and different information sent to them on a regular basis. Satisfied customers are more likely to buy from you again on the basis of an e-mail contact. This is where the profit funnel works its magic. You can briefly survey your customer list to determine what needs are still not being met.

You can then offer those upgrades as well as other services that are slightly higher price range. For example, if you are selling an e-book on furniture restoration contact your customer list with a survey to determine what their biggest challenges are at this time.

You now introduced a video series that covers many of the pressing concerns of your customers in the area of furniture restoration. This technique can be put on autopilot as long as you pay attention to the responses you received from your customers.

Some will stop buying at the mid-range point because that is the extent of their comfort level. Others will not think twice about spending several hundred dollars on your Premier package after purchasing other items from your product line.

The important points to remember are to ask questions regularly. Businesses profit from unmet demands. You may start out with a seven-dollar e-book and introduce a $35 audio series. The customers who purchased the audio series might be quite open to the $77 video series.

Naturally, the price points must be compatible with your product line as well as market expectations. Many Internet marketers start with a free product and move on to a moderately priced information product between seven and $37. You can develop higher levels of products for your customers and even offer training courses ranging in the thousands of dollars.

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